Asking for help / contributing

The best option to get help with using OCMock is to ask a question on StackOverflow using the ocmock tag.

Please open issues on Github only when you suspect that you have encountered a bug in OCMock. If you have a question about OCMock or you have an issue with using it in your project, please ask on StackOverflow.

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. Please have a look at the contribution guidelines before opening one.

You can also contact the maintainer directly by email but please be aware that I am working on OCMock in my spare time and am unlikely to respond immediately.

Articles about mock objects

These articles, posts, and papers are not specifically about OCMock, but they are a good source of information on how to use a mock framework effectively.

Test Smell: Everything is mocked

A post that describes to common situations in which using mock objects may not be a great idea.

Don't mock types you don't own

Good discussion of when to use mock objects.

Mock Roles, not Objects [PDF]

A paper by the people who pioneered the use of mock objects. Covers a lot of the thinking behind sensible user of mock objects.

Tutorials for OCMock

Testing Cocoa Controllers

A tutorial that shows how to test Cocoa controller objects without having to load the user interface from the NIB file. The objects defined in InterfaceBuilder are replaced with mocks.

Mocking Singletons with OCMock

The title says it all. Uses categories to allow substitution of system-provided singletons.